iMart Pharmacy is reinventing pharmacy through a fresh approach to better health care by providing an accessible and personalised health care service whether in-store, via mobile or online.

Our experienced pharmacists provide information on over the counter products, dispense prescriptions and provide face-to-face customer counselling with respect to adherence to drug therapies.

iMart Pharmacy is located in each of the four leading iMart stores. Sheraton Mall, Lanterns Mall, The Walk Welches and One Haggatt Hall along with two Pharmacy Express locations at Carlton Complex and Sunset Crest which shows our commitment to enhancing the access to health care in Barbados.

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With our WhatsApp Prescription Service, you can send us your name, the patient's ID number and a clear photo of the prescription so we can have your products ready by the time you get to the counter! For collection, be sure to have the original prescription and the patient's ID card or ID number with you so we can dispense the medication.

Fast. Efficient. Friendly!

Our pharmacy's WhatsApp numbers are:

Delivery Service

iMart Pharmacy will be offering a FREE delivery service for prescriptions to all high-risk persons 70 years and older.

Send your details to our One Haggatt Hall location via WhatsApp to 826-1140. 

  1. Your name
  2. The patient's ID number
  3. A clear photo of the prescription

For delivery, please make sure to have the original prescription and the patient's ID card or ID number as without this, we cannot dispense the medication.

Delivery times are Monday - Friday 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.